3 Epicor Features You Didn’t Know You Could Have

 epicor features

3 Epicor Features You Didn’t Know You Could Have

Integrating your Epicor software with CRM, ecommerce, and marketing automation tools permits the movement of critical data back and forth between systems, and provides a host of powerful new features. More and more businesses are modernizing infrastructure by opting to connect these systems in pursuit of a single-source of truth. The integration provides a host of new Epicor features that work in tandem to greatly improve business functionality.

Epicor Feature #1: New Marketing Access To End Customers

By syncing Epicor with marketing automation software, businesses without traditional marketing access to their end customers can now access contact and account information through the service and product registration information in Epicor. For example, when customers purchase products they may need to register the item with the seller in order to to suffice a warranty or service stipulation. As such, customer inputs are collected inside Epicor which then pushes the information to marketing automation and CRM systems for sales and marketing to use. Epicor features grow considerably with these types of integrations.

Epicor Feature #2: E-Commerce Quarterback

In another instance, Epicor can be programed to send or receive information from an e-commerce site and streamline inputs to CRM applications. From there, companies can seize more opportunities given the order history of buyers; capitalizing on new opportunities based on e-commerce data that is just sitting out there.

This means that impressions and data relating to abandoned carts, and other buying history can be quarterbacked out to CRM, marketing automation, and ERP. This allows Business Intelligence and other analytics tools better info to draw reports from. Additionally, it supplies each department with greater prospect and customer data. Tis can be used to increase sales, and improve customer service upon immediate implementation.

Epicor Feature #3: Automated Organization

We saved the best for last. Right now, your IT department are likely building workarounds for users to carry out jobs in Epicor. That’s a waste of everyones time. Using workarounds to attain key data may cause users in to negate the best Epicor features available. In the end, poor use of the system will  result in cumbersome processes and a disparate system, and this is why commonly businesses are apprehensive to start a project.

Automating processes inside Epicor allows the difficult part of system use out of user hands. This is great for things like moving items from one module of software to another inside the system, or running weekly reports. Integration actually helps this all as well. Integration allows responsibilities to be shifted between systems and department sin a way that makes processes easier to manage and execute; saving valuable time.

Integrating these features

The first step in implementing these powerful Epicor features is taking a stock of current and future enterprise software investments. From there, determine the best way these systems could share information. Make sure to include e-commerce platforms, CRM, marketing automation, human resources software, and more.

Integrating these systems can improve use, save time, and eliminate waste. We specialize in Epicor integration, and have seen these types of projects save businesses lots of money over the years.

Is your firm being held back due to a disparate system? Are their problems occurring for reasons unknown? Join the conversation and share your ERP and CRM implementation experiences with us below.


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