Auto Assign Project ID with BPM in Epicor

Auto Assign Project ID with BPM in Epicor

If your company wants to streamline its project entry process, you can customize Epicor to auto-assign a project ID.

Step 1. Create a BPM method directive on the “GetNewProject” method belonging to the Project business object.

This should be a post-processing directive.

Step 2. Create a new action to execute ABL code.

/*Assign Project ID
When a new project is created, lookup Company.Number01 and increament it by 1.
Use that number as the new project ID. */define variable newNum as integer.
define variable newNumString as character.

for each ttProject where ttProject.RowMod = 'A' or ttProject.RowMod = 'U':

/* Lookup the Company that the Project is being created in */
find first Company exclusive-lock where Company.Company = ttProject.Company.
If available Company then do:

/* Increment project count by 1 */
assign newNum = Company.Number01 + 1.

/* Update Company.Number01 */
assign Company.Number01 = newNum.

/* Put the letter 'P' in front and pad with leading zeros */
assign newNumString = "P" + string(newNum,"999999").

assign ttProject.ProjectID = newNumString.

End. /* If */
End. /* For Each */

Step 3. Add the code to the ABL action screen.

Step 4. Enable the customization.

Step 5. Go to the Project Entry screen and create a new project. The ProjectID will be automatically generated.


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