What Benefits Discrete Manufacturers Can Expect to See From ERP

Benefits Discrete Manufacturers

What Benefits Discrete Manufacturers Can Expect to See From ERP

Fully integrated ERP software, from vendors like Epicor, has extensive features that make it a natural fit for discrete manufacturers. Not all ERP software is designed for manufacturers. By choosing a general ERP software you will be faced with extensive customizations, which can be costly. Instead, working with an industry specific software will allow for long term cost reduction, on-time product delivery, which results in happier customers.

We recommend and have partnered with Epicor as a software option because they have more than 40 years developing software used in thousands of plants. They continue to add modules that will be useful.  In 2013, Epicor was positioned as a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

“Epicor is one of the few vendors to have architected a full, multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises version out of a single, modern ERP solution for manufacturers, distributors and services organizations. Epicor ERP delivers extensive flexibility, usability, and agility in support of application-to-application integration and business-to-business collaboration, key to enabling the delivery of information throughout the enterprise.” – Gartner Magic Quadrant

When you are under pressure to deliver quality products on a tight time-frame ERP software makes sense.

ERP Software allows you to effectively master specific requirements:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Pre-production Materials Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Data Management for Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Financial Management

Have questions about the efficacy of ERP software for discrete manufacturing? Call us today at (314) 962- 3466 with any questions about process improvement or contact an ERP expert.

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