Is Your Business Ready to Upgrade to Microsoft CRM ’13?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM  ’13 gets a face-lift

“Companies looking for a cloud-based CRM solution that is built for modern business needs, is simple to use and easy to adopt, will need look no further,” said Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft’s new edition of Dynamics CRM has a newly designed user interface.  The interface is cleaner and faster, which should make upgrading or selecting this CRM a good option in terms of ROI.

Mobile Capabilities

What we are excited about is the new mobile functionality. This makes it easier for a mobile workforce to meet customer needs while using tablets and mobile devices.

Cut Down on the Confusion

In an attempt to make the CRM easier to use, Dynamics has made it easier to define and modify business processes. This includes the new design layout, flat features (with no pop-up windows).

Get Social

A new partnership with InsideView gives CRM users the ability to access real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources. Social Insights is of no additional cost to CRM online customers.

Configurable Industry Templates

In keeping with the new look, Microsoft is introducing new industry specific templates. These templates will be helpful for manufacturing and event management solutions. All of these templates will be available on mobile devices, too.

Up the Customer Experience Ante

A new human-based design is set to put all of the customer information and history of interactions on one screen. Tools like Yammer create a mini in-house social network where everyone can comment and collaborate on sales leads. They have also improved the way sales are tracked to produce a shorter, more profitable sales cycle.

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