Datix: Under the Hood

What are Datix employees up to? What makes the company unique and a great place to work? How do we do things differently? Under the Hood is an insider’s view of Datix as well as our take on life in technology and consulting.

Dreamforce ’14 from a Developer’s Perspective

Getting lost in San Francisco, eating delicious sushi, and learning more about the incredible development updates from Salesforce topped the list of memorable moments for Mike Dintaman, a developer at Datix. Dintaman attended his first Dreamforce conference where he connected with other attendees, attended engaging sessions and learned more about real-world applications from a development perspective.

Highlights from Dreamforce 2014: Day One

Salesforce kicked off Dreamforce, its annual mega-conference, yesterday in San Francisco. Datix managing partner and founder Bryan Sapot, along with developer Mike Dintaman, attended many of the sessions, excited to see what Salesforce had in store for its customers. What were the day’s highlights? New product releases and more options for improved customer interactions. Here’s what Bryan and Mike discovered on day one.

Translating a Passion for Manufacturing into Success

Translating a Passion for Manufacturing into Success It is mid-morning and the machine shop floor is alive with activity. Paul Arthur is in his element. As he stands next to the machines and listens to the owner talk, Arthur is keenly aware of the excitement in the owner’s voice and takes careful note of the …

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Innovation Starts from Within: Why Datix Hired a LaunchCode Apprentice

Datix is always looking for ways to innovate and bring fresh, new ideas to its clients. Hard coded into the DNA of our company is entrepreneurship and the drive toward constant innovation. So it is no surprise that the company turned to an innovative, local tech talent incubator called LaunchCode to help find new developers. It is through that program that Datix met Mike Dintaman, who would become its very first development team apprentice.

“Women in Tech” Part Two: A Datix, Inc. Developer Weighs In

Michelle Marcus, a developer at Datix, Inc., shares more about her career choices in part 2 of her women in tech blog series. See part 1 here. Over my career, I have found that working for a variety of companies has worked to my advantage because I now have a large network in the IT …

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“Women in Tech” Datix, Inc. Employees Weigh In

With so much in the news about women in tech we wanted to have some of our own ‘women in tech’ weigh in. A quick perusal of LinkedIn and you will see articles about this topic.  Case in point, Vivek Wadhwa wrote a poignant article about Silicon Valley’s tech scene writing that fellow power brokers, “believe they …

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“Women in Tech” Part One: A Datix, Inc. Developer Weighs In

What made you want to work in a technical position? I had always been interested in computers growing up for two reasons: my Dad was a Project Manager over mainframe computer projects and home video game systems started to become popular in the 80s. I quickly got hooked on playing video games at my friend’s …

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Datix Implements Epicor CRM

As an Epicor VAR, we believe that a single integrated system is easier to use and less expensive to maintain than multiple integrated systems. However, we suffer from the same issues many of our customers have; 3 separate systems that hold customer and prospect information. We decided we need to practice what we preach so last month we moved all sales and prospecting activities into Epicor.