Consulting Services Augment Your ERP Implementation

We want ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations to be a success. One of the best methods for ensuring a successful implementation, we have found, is to have a dedicated project consultant. This consultant is available to take your calls and is also available to travel on-site for personalized training or extra assistance during the challenging implementation moments. ERP is a vast system, which when completed will encompass nearly every aspect of your business.

Get the Most of Your Implementation

Certified consultants are a great option when you need to shore up your implementation efforts, save time and money, and achieve a faster go-live. These consultants are trained on the system, know the technical features and have experience working with businesses in the manufacturing or distribution industries. Business and industry knowledge is vital from start to completion as you will want someone who understands your business processes conducting the implementation.

Worth the Investment

As an investment, ERP is a substantial cost with even greater pay-off when each division understands how to properly use the system. We have a grid system in place highlighting and rating the features each department head or power user would like to see from the system. This is a great way of getting both teams, the client and the consulting group, on the same page. Then, at the beginning stages of a project, you are able to prioritize what features are required, optional or would be “nice to have.” Getting a project completed on-time without making drastic changes will keep your costs contained. With numerous modules and add-ons, from ERP systems like our partner Epicor, you are able to add features as needed. Additionally, consultants will also be able to guide you through any upgrades or migrations with your ERP system.

When You Need Business Process Consulting

Business process consulting is another added feature of working with a consultant. You will be working with a consultant who understands your business through our signature documentation technique. We are able to gather the details of your departments to get the most from your new system. If your processes need improvements, we are able to guide you through the best-practices learned from previous implementations.  We are a fresh set of eyes, who are able to offer an unbiased picture of your business environment that translates into measurable goals and KPIs.

We want your ERP implementation to go as smoothly as possible. If you need more information about working with our consultants contact us anytime.

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