Do We Need CRM Program?

Asking the question, “Do we need CRM program”?

Our founder, Bryan Sapot, tackles the most important questions that companies should evaluate when considering the jump. Implementing a CRM program is not a flippant task. Organizations carefully plan these implementations, and must have follow-throught and proper vision from the beginning to achieve the highly touted benefits of use.

Bryan breaks down the CRM program questions in an easy to understand format.

  1. Have you ever lost a sale due to inefficient data, a failure to follow-up, or a missed deadline?
  2. Is your organization more orientated towards order taking or prospecting?
  3. Would you benefit from more sophisticated data collection and tracking methods that would allow your organization to generate better reports?

If you answered yes to the first one, it’s time to give an CRM program a strong consideration. The following questions are really just further qualifying your business as being in need of a CRM system. Marketing or sales processes naturally lend themselves to CRM programs like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additionally, a CRM program could help your organization further collect and track valuable data that could be used for reporting and process improvement.

There are a lot of reasons to implement CRM program; however many wonder if their organization is actually too small for such a program. The truth is that the decision to implement an CRM program really has more to do with the sophistication and process that your sales team is currently utilizing.

If you’d like to further discuss the implementation of a CRM program, drop us a line. Our experts would be happy to help.

More about Datix Inc. and CRM Program Consulting

Datix clients benefit from the technical expertise and system knowledge of our certified consultants.  By taking a complete view of your company, we are able to help you achieve the best outcome from your CRM; including a high rate of user adoption. Our implementation method allows better visibility into each stage of the project.

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