Global Availability of Epicor 10 Connector for MS Dynamics CRM

Epicor 10 Connector Allows Integration for Dynamics CRM

Datix Inc. is proud to announce – as a part of Microsoft Convergence 2015 – the global availability Datix Connect for Microsoft Dynamics. Datix Connect for Dynamics CRM is a pre-built, all-in-one Epicor 10 connector that allows seamless integration and flows of data between Epicor 10 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. See a case study of our integration in action.

In the mode of everything Microsoft has preached during the 2015 conference, the Datix Epicor 10 Connector provides the ability to integrate and collaborate around data like never before. Organizations that possess both Epicor and Dynamics CRM can produce unprecedented efficiency inside of sales, customer service, finance, and other areas of their business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Epicor integration can be key to enabling engagement based on knowledge and personal connection by providing real-time access to data while eliminating dual entries.

…providing real-time access to data while eliminating dual entries

Now integration is possible for Epicor ERP users who want real-time CRM information – and vice versa.  This continual transfer of data between your ERP system and CRM system allows for deeper insights into customer buying habits, accounting data, shipping information and many other key functions.

Real integration from a certified partner of both Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Datix has actually been serving customers with this new product for the last 6 months, but is just now making the official announcement at Convergence 2015. See a demonstration of the product by filling out the form above.

Datix Connect: Easy Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Epicor Integration

The Datix Epicor 10 Connector  requires no coding – only configuration – leading to installations in as little as one day.  Keep your users happy by eliminating the need to input CRM data into your ERP database. And when you’re ready to integrate Epicor with other industry-leading enterprise software, you already have the only connector you need.

To unleash the power of ERP, synced with the personalized customer data from Dynamics, Datix Connect is an easy choice. Quite simply it is the only quality integration tool worth trusting your business with on the marketplace today.

Why User Epicor 10 Connector for Dynamics CRM is Very Easy

  • Rapid deployment: Basic mappings between your systems in as little as one day.
  • Low price: Achieve critical data synchronization affordably. Datix Connect is the lowest priced Epicor ERP and or Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution on the market.
  • Connect to everything else: Rapidly connect Epicor ERP to other software solutions with minimal additional investment. Additional connections include: Eloqua, Exact Target, Excel, GoToWebinar, Hubspot, Marketo, Microsoft SQL Server, On24, PeopleSoft or Silverpop.
  • Minimal on-site impact: Datix Connect is a solution that can be deployed with no on-site installation, no coding and no maintenance. In other words, minimal impact to your technical resources.
  • Invisible to end-users: Use your CRM and Epicor ERP systems normally while Datix Connect transfers data behind the scenes using web-based synchronization. No new login or interface needed.
  • Flexible usage: Use scheduled processing or real-time data transfer, and choose between cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises or on-premises-to-on-premises synchronization.
  • Nimble, rapid customization: Datix Connect maps custom fields using Scribe’s online integration service program. Datix can do this for you, or train your team to take over.
  • Web-based administration: Web access gives your technical staff the ability to trouble shoot, access detailed mappings, and view records of data transfers anywhere in the world.
  • Backed by Datix: Datix is an industry-leading ERP and CRM integration solution implementer. We understand both sides of the ERP and CRM integration challenge.

How Does it Work?

Built on Scribe Software’s revolutionary enterprise integration platform, Datix Connect is a no-code software connector accessed via a web interface. Datix Connect maps a set of standard fields between your systems, enabling critical data transfer. Fields include customer orders, account details, quotes, shipments and more. Datix Connect allows for custom field mapping to tailor the integration to your business case.

Why Epicor ERP?

Epicor ERP is a system that masters the complexities of running a large-scale manufacturing, distribution or retail business. Cindy Jutras, vice president and group director at Aberdeen, wrote in a recent Market Alert, “While other ERP vendors have announced similar strategies, Epicor is the first to deliver on its promise of convergence while also extending functionality and promising ‘ERP Everywhere’ and ‘Business without Barriers’.”


Our Epicor 10 Connector is also available for Salesforce Users

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