Epicor Insights 2015 Updates Live Thread

Epicor Insights 2015 Updates

Epicor Insights is this week, and the Datix Epicor Consulting team will be providing live day-by-day updates for all of you unable to attend this years conference (or for those of you who may have missed something).

Below is a live streaming thread that includes our videos, updates, media, and insights from this weeks conference.

If you have questions or would like us to provide a deeper dive on any of the information provided, please feel free to comment and join the discussion.

Details on 10.1 Release and functionality below…

There are not many updates for Monday; as this day is largely directed at providing partners with information. Tuesday will be the open of the conference, and this where some of the juicy information everyone is waiting for will be released/announced.

What we can tell you from the partners program…

Epicor is spending a lot of time discussing Mattec MEC; a valuable program that was added as a apart of an acquisition several years ago. There are some new innovations inside this software that can greatly benefit those in the metals and plastics manufacturing spaces. This includes…

  • The availability of real-time information from the shop floor thaty integrates with machines. It also provides real time scheduling as well.
  • Utilizes qlikview for dashboards.
  • Includes video and drawing capabilities to show operators detail setup and other vital info.

Those that deal in these industries may want to pay close attention to this software and Epicor’s additions this week as things are unveiled.

Tuesday Live Feed:

Epicor opens Tuesday with a powerful opening keynote regarding the future of the software. The company announced that 1,900 customers are now on Epicor ERP version 10.

Announces a road map forward that will focus on innovative business technology (more cloud), and improved user experience. This seems to be the demands of the market and Epicor is following suite nicely.

A heavy focus was put on focusing on industry-specific needs. This includes evolving practices and support to drive innovation and improvement. Malcolm Fox is also talking about simplifying the system and reducing the number of clicks and automating tasks.

Epicor is discussing social disruption as a means of driving improvement and changing the way businesses communicate. Those on Epicor version 10 may be seeing where Social Enterprise is headed. If performed and implemented correctly inside of organizations this could greatly improve company communication around projects, accounts, logistics, billing, and much more…

Epicor announces that Insite Manifest will now be renamed, Epicor Manifest.


Epicor will be doing a controlled release of version 10.1 in July 2015, with a full release expected by the end of the year.

10.1 will include improved mobile interface and capabilities. This is a big deal for those that could benefit from mobile use. Epicor also informs the crowd that rest API will allow for the development of micro applications.

For report builders… 10.1 has a sync dataset button on the report style that will make customizing out of the box SSRS reports much easier.

Additionally, Epicor is pushing their cloud based offerings heavily. They will even be offering a portable licences that will allow users to transfer from on-premise to the cloud easily.


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