Epicor Insights Topics and Themes

As Epicor Insights, Epicor’s largest user conference continues in Las Vegas, several themes are coming to the forefront of the discussion. The overall improvements, which will come from the latest Epicor software version, Epicor 10, will have a tremendous impact on speed of data, customer interactions and ease of use, among other things. The following themes are emerging at Epicor Insights:

Customers Count

Giving your business the option of better internal collaboration strongly affects customer experience.

Sophistication and Simplicity Matter

Epicor 10 allows for a better user experience by eliminating complex processes.


Fast Data

Connecting with customers means providing them with the information they need as quickly as possible. The latest version of Epicor, Epicor 10, is geared toward giving you quicker access to data.


Cloud is Coming

A third of applications will be cloud based by 2020, according to the ERP keynote address given at Insights.


Mobile and Tablet Strategies are Priority 

Microsoft Technology at Work 

Epicor partnered with Microsoft to deliver better experience with the software no matter if you are an end user or developer.


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