Case Study: Epicor Integrated With MS Dynamics CRM

Case Study: Epicor Integrated With MS Dynamics CRM

Case Study: NuStep

Product: Manufacturer of Cross Trainer Exercise Devices

Project: Implementation of MS Dynamics CRM and Datix Connect Epicor Integration Application

Location: Ann-Arbor, MI


About The Company:

NuStep, a designer and manufacturer of recumbent cross trainers, needed a definitive single-source of the truth on the front end of their business processes. NuStep currently had strong investments in Epicor ERP software, and utilized the embedded CRM application inside of the ERP technology.

The company’s selling operations had become cumbersome and a focus on how the company could better serve their customers began to deteriorate. Challenges initially arose when team members expressed that the CRM software embedded in their Epicor ERP had failed to provide essential data from account engagements. The system also failed to effectively ship job orders from sales to fulfillment. Ultimately, the integrated CRM software was inadequately mapped to best serve the specific sales process at NuStep.

NuStep is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and works to meet the needs of its customers in the United States and internationally.

What Happened?

The internal project team recommended the purchase of separate CRM software that would refine the daily processes of their multi-faceted selling operations. NuStep’s defined goals of implementation included improving the quality of data, ease of system, and efficiencies across several different silos. Another goal of NuStep was to improve the visibility and usability of their data. In addition, since sales processes would be segregated from their main ERP system, Nu-Step would also have to find a way to have the two operations work in tandem with one another to properly achieve their primary goal. The goal of the solution was to speed up fulfillment operations and shipping while providing greater accuracy and efficiency in all sales processes.

NuStep partnered with Datix, a leading Epicor ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting firm on the project. The project included the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with key points of integration with their Epicor version 9 ERP. Executive parties strategically chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM because of it’s ability to support the marketing, sales, and customer service business processes; as well for its ability to provide common metrics, dashboards, and data analysis from quote to final completion.

NuStep choose Datix as a partner – in part – due to their experience with Epicor integration projects; specifically with 3rd party CRMs. Datix’s signature connector, Datix Connect, would allow for a complete assimilation of accounts, contacts, addresses, parts and products, serial numbers, orders, and call logs between the NuStep ERP and new Dynamics CRM system. Ultimately, the utilization of both of these products would provide NuStep a more powerful CRM and a single-source of the truth for their entire sales process and all of its data.

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