Epicor is Positioned as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary

Congratulations are in order for Epicor Software Corporation. As an Epicor partner, we are proud to work with the best. They announced this week they were positioned as a Gartner Magic Quadrant “Visionary.” Gartner Magic Quadrants is a research methodology and visualization tool for monitoring and evaluating the progress and positions of companies in a specific, technology-based market.

What Counts as Visionary?

Those classified as “visionary” have awareness of how the market will evolve and can potentially be innovative. “We believe our four consecutive placements in the ‘Visionaries’ quadrant are testament to our customer-centric focus and commitment to design and implement software solutions that help businesses achieve the agility and flexibility today’s global environment demands,” said Pervez Qureshi, president and CEO of Epicor.

Why Epicor?

Epicor received the classification for their position in providing “Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies.” Put simply, they were positioned in this category because of the evolution of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solution.  And their software is best suited for mid-sized companies. Learn more by visiting their site.

Focused on Your Business

For those not familiar, Epicor, serves more than 4,000 manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations. Epicor is a global software provider and because of that they often partner with local organizations. These local consulting firms are best able to offer valuable face-to-face service.

Innovation for Customers

“Our innovative approach to architecture, mobility, embedded analytics and built-in business process management, gives our customers unprecedented choice and flexibility in a single solution — whether they choose to deploy on-premise, as a managed service, or in the cloud,” Qureshi said. Today, over 4,000 customers, many of whom are manufacturers and distributors select Epicor ERP for their organization.

Image Source: Via Epicor


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