Epicor Ushers in ERP 10 with Microsoft Stack Technology

ERP 10 with Microsoft Stack Technology

Epicor’s decision to phase out Progress OpenEdge in favor of Microsoft has been making news lately. PC World interviewed Erik Johnson, vice president of technology strategy, about the company’s decision to optimize its ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite with .NET, SQL Server 2014 and Windows in order to speed up applications and streamline product development.

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“We tried to clean house, which is going to make customers really happy,” said Johnson of Epicor 10 (announced Monday of this week) which moves away from the vendor’s long-time practice of certifying the software on a variety databases and operating systems, instead focusing on Microsoft’s software stack.

In the past versions, Epicor supported Progress and SQL Server in order to provide customers with dual-platform flexibility. In the latest version, Epicor has not introduced drastic changes at the application level, but has instead focused on the technology upgrade. In a demo we saw at Epicor Insights, Epicor 10 ran twice as fast as Epicor 9 even on a surface tablet. Watch the live demo here.

The same Epicor code line is used for the cloud-based and on-premises versions, Johnson told PC World.

Read the complete article by PC World and see for yourself why industry experts are buzzing about this latest update from Epicor. Contact us with any questions about Epicor ERP 10.

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