Exciting Updates Ahead for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is set to get even better. Today, Microsoft announced its latest plans for new ways for organizations to engage with customers. These capabilities are expected in the second quarter of 2014.  This new solution brings social listening to every sales, service and marketing professional in an organization.

Get ready for Better Marketing Capabilities

CMOs asked for a solution that will help with planning and execution of marketing campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will add marketing automation functionality to Dynamics CRM. This will include a visual campaign designer, new lead management and scoring capabilities, scalable email marketing that can deliver millions of messages per day. On top of these great additions, deeper marketing analytics will be offered to improve ROI.

More Personalized Customer Care

Successful companies offer customer care using multiple channels.  In order to have the best customer insights, Microsoft’s new customer care solution allows organizations to respond quickly to a customer’s needs. “Alongside the capabilities gained in the recent acquisition of Parature, which closed Jan. 31, Microsoft Dynamics CRM now offers customers choice in deploying customer service capabilities ranging from self-service via support portals, Facebook and Twitter to Web chat and video capabilities, all leveraging a shared knowledge base to ensure the right answer can be delivered consistently on the right channel at the right time,” according to a statement released by Microsoft.

Social for All

To help foster excellent customer relationships, Microsoft has unveiled Microsoft Social Listening. This new service allows users to analyze and act on market intelligence from social conversations. Users will also be able to track campaigns, products and competitors globally and in real time. Getting a better understanding of customers across the web will be possible.  Microsoft Social Listening will be offered at no extra charge for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users.

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