Food ERP White Paper – Epicor For Food Businesses

Food ERP White Paper – Epicor For Food Businesses


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Recent changes in food quality and contamination prevention mandates have changed the face of food manufacturing, supply chain, packaging, and distribution. New federal regulation—coupled with—demands from major retailers, are forcing food industry entities to streamline, revamp, and reform their product supply and traceability utilities to be extremely fast and nearly 100 percent visible. Epicor Business Software is an enterprise resource asset capable of performing a substantial amount of data analysis and compliance reporting for food companies. The new challenge for midmarket manufacturers is rapidly becoming how to optimally adapt to this changing environment through the use of agile management resource software. Is Epicor Food ERP software the right fit for this industry?

This new comprehensive white paper will examine Epicor software viability as a key fit as a for ERP for companies desperately needing to scale back product time to completion, labor hours, and non-conforming materials in inventory—as well as increase inventory turnover rates—all of which performed for the sake of improving food product quality, safety, and traceability. We’re going to evaluate the practical application of Epicor ERP in these challenging conditions, and unpack some of the features and modules available for food manufacturers that could help mitigate risk and increase profit.


What you’ll find in the Food ERP white paper…

  • A background of new emerging risks
  • An outline of new FDA mandates and how well Epicor is equipped to adapt to these changes
  • A look at Epicor as a food traceability agent
  • An evaluation of Epicor scheduling for a food manufacturer
  • A test of Epicor features for inventory and vendor management
  • How Epicor may be able to minimize production costs better than any current food ERP
  • A look at additional modules that food manufacturers may what to consider for on-the-fly configuration and labeling
  • How well Epicor adapts to new industry requests like dual-units of measure and batch security
  • Citations from over 15 different studies on food ERP, FDA compliance, and industry profitability

Why Epicor for Food ERP

If you’re a food industry business evaluating options for improved compliance, traceability, inventory management, and industry competitiveness, Epicor ERP should be at the top of your consideration list. However, many businesses aren’t familiar with how well Epicor fits for food industry supply chains. This white paper comprehensively breaks down every part of the Epicor software in relation to how it solves current food industry problems and issues. It also list additional modules and plug-ins that all food businesses to harness the power of Epicor in even the most niche of circumstances.

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