Happy Holidays from Datix

Datix celebrated our end of year holiday celebration at Blood & Sand.  What’s Blood & Sand? Blood & Sand is “a membership bar and restaurant; it was conceived as a laboratory for creativity. We strive to surprise and delight the palette with some of the most exciting food and drink in the country.” We were certainly impressed and more than that truly enjoyed the time we had with our co-workers and family that evening.

At the end of this year, with the celebratory season in full swing it is great to take some time to look back on the exciting year we had. New hires, new clients, new products were all apart of our annual experience as a team. Looking forward though, we anticipate even more success as we continue to grow and develop as a company. Did you know we just turned 16 this year?

We have so much as a company to be proud of and are looking forward to another stellar year in 2014. We hope you will stay in touch throughout the year- and Happy Holidays all!


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