Prefabricated Wood Building

Implementing Prefabricated Wood Building ERP for Your Business

The prefabricated wood building and components market is a heavily project-based industry that requires complex scheduling, careful resource allocation, and accurate pricing. Your company needs an enterprise platform that can handle it all. And at the end of the day, the end goal of any kind of project management software needs to be maintaining the bottom line by managing your processes. Achieving profitability in prefabricated wood building starts with efficiency and project transparency. Every single department and employee in your business needs to communicate and share data for business leaders to find areas of inefficiency and waste and start removing them.

Datix recognizes the importance of prefabricated wood building ERP to your business—that’s why we’ve partnered with Epicor® ERP. Epicor® is designed to help businesses increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs by creating a single nexus for process management and streamlining operations. Although the platform can be applied to a wide range of markets and industries, Epicor® can be designed to be the perfect fit for the prefabricated wood building market. The software’s project management capabilities provide businesses a comprehensive closed-loop solution that supports the five key service-centric processes behind any prefabricated wood building firm: managing business development, resourcing construction projects effectively, managing project delivery, streamlining financial operations and regulatory compliance and analyzing business performance.

Key Epicor® Features for Prefabricated Wood Building  ERP

  • Build risks and issues evaluation into the bid management process using definable action plans.
  • Support for advanced project scheduling with strong bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project.
  • Maximize resource performance and utilization through increased visibility into current and future staffing needs.
  • Effectively manage and control complex contractual arrangements including third parties, expenses, materials and equipment with a closed-loop requisition, procurement and payables cycle.
  • Capture opportunity and project budgets, handle Work in Process (WIP) and revenue recognition, as well as billing rules, cost and rate sets on a client, project, or even work code by work code basis.
  • Effective management of WIP and draft billing processes with drill to detail and invoice consolidation facilities.
  • Comprehensive business process management and workflow orchestration allows your construction business more flexibility.
  • With Epicor® for Service Enterprises, you can anticipate improvements in efficiency, project control, resource utilization, client satisfaction, and overall visibility resulting in a more efficient business.

Why Datix and Epicor® ERP for Your Prefabricated Wood Building Project Business

As a prefabricated wood building company, your building projects often require complex multi-level phases, rigid costing guidelines and a complex and lengthened billing period. Losing track of your expenses, resources or employees at any point during a project is unacceptable. General estimates just won’t cut it when it comes to resource availability or pricing during the bidding process. That’s how a business makes promises it can’t keep, or allocates their employees and resources inefficiently. That kind of poor process management will affect relationships with customers and contractors and eventually your bottom line. And, as we mentioned at the top of the page, profitability is what makes or breaks any project management business.

Epicor® ERP allows your business total transparency through every stage and department of any job. The project management module gives you a clearer understanding of your costs with just one platform. You’ll have a step up on the competition and be able to bid and win new business projects with accuracy and assurance.

Datix knows that Epicor® is a perfect fit for prefabricated wood building ERP. That’s why we are certified Gold Partners of the platform. With almost 20 years of experience, we’ve helped countless businesses across industries implement the enterprise software properly. That includes those in the wood buildings and components industry. We can help design the right dashboards and processes that your business needs from ERP—and train your employees on the best practices so that you know your company is getting the most from your software investment. Get in contact with us today to learn how we can get started on your solution and to learn more about how businesses like yours could gain an advantage with Epicor® ERP.

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