Why Should I Integrate ERP and CRM?

“Why Should I Integrate ERP and CRM?”

The bottom line is this; if you want data to help your business deliver more efficient processes and to improve how your business uses software you should strongly consider integrating your ERP with your CRM.

We talk about systems integration on a regular basis. So much so that we might treat it like a buzz word and move on. However, systems integration, in our world, is the merging of data between Epicor ERP and any CRM or marketing automation software.

The flow of data also works for integrating CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc.) with whichever ERP system you might have. For example, the latest updates in Epicor ERP incorporate mobility and cloud strategies. This will allow users to access ERP information from any device wherever they are. Integrating this functionality with your current CRM could prove immensely powerful. Here’s how…

6 Reasons to integrate ERP and CRM

  1. Real-time mobile access to data
  2. Support quote to order between CRM and ERP
  3. Link e-commerce features in your ERP with customer support in CRM
  4. Provide billing information to CRM
  5. Synchronize product catalogs
  6. Share key data with access portals, like the one Epicor has so your clients can track their orders and even pay if they need to.

USE CASE: Imagine…

Your walking the floor of a manufacturing client. You pull out your phone and can immediately start checking inventory stock, product counts, orders, and other back office data that would immediately provide you the ability to capitalize on potential opportunities, and identify upcoming risks. How many more sales could you make? What would that client say about you and your business?

Real-time mobile-access to data is achievable when you integrate ERP and CRM. Furthermore, integration allows the elimination of double-entries, and provides an all-in-one platform for you to transfer and manage data for orders, billing, customer support, product catalogs, and more.

How would your business change today if you could integrate ERP and CRM? The answer is almost always, “significantly”? However, for most businesses this is often talked about, but rarely explored. It’s identified as complex or expensive. That could not be further from the truth all because of the ability to integrate ERP and CRM inexpensively using Datix Connect.

Implementing these tools are actually quite easy, and quickly adopted. Simply put, all the information is easier to get to and streamlined for all users. It simply makes data better and more usable.

How do I integrate ERP and CRM affordably?

There are many pre-built integration products on the market that can serve your needs. You may not actually need a custom solution. The secret is finding an expert who can identify out-of-the-box options that may be able to be tweaked for your business. To integrate ERP and CRM you will need to rely on someone with experience in these particular softwares. Your run of the mill IT support staff will lack the knowledge to execute on these tasks according to best practices.

Datix Connect is our affordable ERP/CRM integration product. It simplifies the task of merging and controlling data flow between Epicor ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and just about anything else you can think of. We can usually get you up and running in a matter of days.

The solution to your integration problem may be easier than you think. The question is, why aren’t you doing something about it?

Visit our Datix Connect page for more details. Be sure to contact Datix with any questions you might have about systems integration.

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