Jack Dorsey’s National Let’s Talk Campaign Kicks off Locally

Let’s Talk St. Louis was a tremendous breath of fresh air. It was great to hear from local business owners about the challenges of doing business in St. Louis. Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Square and native of St. Louis, facilitated a much needed conversation about growing the region into a business-friendly community.

Dorsey shared how traditional competition is not the way of the future. Instead we need what he called “transparency” with a focus on collaborating with others.

This method is similar to the openness, resourcefulness and community that drives the innovations in other regional tech and business hubs. We have a growing group of local entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to expand, create jobs and have a huge impact on the economy.

“Businesses of every size should have the tools and resources to compete on the merit of their work and ideas,” said Square CEO Jack Dorsey. “The growth and success of a community depends upon the people who support it. We’re eager to meet business owners, listen to their stories, introduce them to one another, and unite their neighborhoods.”

The panelists:

  • Jack Dorsey, Square CEO
  • Scott Carey, Sump Coffee owner
  • Pete Wissinger, Whisk Bakeshop co-owner
  • Jeremy Schwartz, Cherokee Street Bikes owner
  • Katie Miller, Scarlett Garnet co-owner

Each panel member shared an optimistic future of what the region could look like with more mentorship programs and friendlier small business regulations.

Other cities on the series include: Detroit, Minneapolis, Toronto, New Orleans and the Bronx.



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