Microsoft Values Security Ahead of Data Privacy Day

secured-data Data Privacy Day is coming up in the United States on January 28, 2014. Data Privacy Day was enacted to raise awareness and promote data privacy in the online space. It commemorates a 1981 international treaty, Convention 108, pertaining to privacy and data protection. For businesses, who want to remain empowered and protected controlling your digital footprint is not a luxury.

The fourth amendment applies to offline and digital files and grants privacy unless given to a third party. In the offline space the handing off to a third party is clearer. However, with files being saved virtually do you still maintain those same rights?

When you entrust your data to a third party vendor, you want the reassurance that your data will not be misappropriated.

Microsoft Dynamics wants to protect data entrusted by CRM users. As taken from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trust Center: “The Cloud Security Alliance suggests that every customer ask their cloud service provider a broad range of security and privacy questions. Because your trust is important to us, we have proactively answered these questions.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not use any customer’s information for advertising. This means they will not scan files for analytics purposes or data mining.

Microsoft is adhering to a policy of data portability. Meaning the CRM data stored in the online version belongs to the customer and you would be able to remove it at will.

Microsoft CRM is certified for ISO 27001, which is a strict certification regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability to information security.  Other certifications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version include: the U.S. – EU Safe Harbor (the EU has stricter security policies than the U.S.), SSAE16 SOC1 Type II audits.

When securing your data in the cloud, you want to ensure your data will always be protected. Find out more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the security measures taken to secure your data.

If you would like to use a secure CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version is an excellent choice.

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