New to the Tech Industry? Here Is My Advice

My route to a career in the tech industry has not been a direct one. It’s not that I didn’t have an interest in the field. In high school I learned some basic programming and briefly dreamed of developing educational computer games as a career. But my interests were always broad, and I ended up pursuing two liberal arts degrees before beginning my first real job as a project manager. As I expanded my knowledge and abilities in project management, business analysis, and process improvement, I recognized that these skills were applicable in almost any setting.

New Opportunity

When the opportunity arose to join the Datix team, I was excited about the chance to enter the dynamic, fast-paced world of technology. Technology touches all aspects of business and daily life. Datix provides enterprise resource planning software and custom development that brings technological solutions to businesses to a wide variety of industries. I joined eager to apply my experience to help the company maximize its productivity and efficiency. My curiosity, organizational skills, and analytical thought process are strengths I bring to an already strong team.

An Outside Perspective

Coming from outside the field has had its challenges. Every industry has its own vocabulary and concepts that are embedded in the culture. However, an outside perspective can also be a good thing. It helps you challenge assumptions and get people thinking about the reasons for doing things the way they’ve always done them. As my colleagues have taught me about their areas of expertise, I have helped them identify areas for process improvement in delivering technology solutions.

My advice to other women (or anyone) seeking technology jobs is this: There are many ways to be involved in technology. Identify your personal strengths and build on them. Continually look for how you can apply your talents in different settings. This will serve you well no matter what industry you ultimately choose.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Megan. I love how encouraging you are and how your tips are relevant to all industries and career paths. It is also great to see how past experience from seemingly unrelated jobs can be useful in a current position.

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