Quick Epicor Tip to Resolve Posting Status

Quick Epicor Tip to Resolve Posting Status

For this Epicor ERP quick tip, I was working in Epicor version 9. This happened to me, and if it has happened to you here is how to solve it! If an Epicor client reports an issue where they post a group (invoice, payment etc) and it gets stuck in the “Posting” status you can resolve by:

1. Closing out of any open groups
2. Go to System Admin Tools
3. Run Conversion Program
4. 10250 – Unlock transactions with no entry in Review Journal
5. Conversion Menu > Run Conversion
6. Reopen group (will return to “not posted” status) and post again.

Let me know if this Epicor tip helped you by commenting below. And don’t hesitate to ask me any other Epicor ERP questions.


5 thoughts on “Quick Epicor Tip to Resolve Posting Status”

  1. Do you know what causes this issue. It happens to us almost every day. We run the conversion program and try again. We have asked Epicor support what causes this problem but haven’t gotten any answers.

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