New Hubspot Connector for Epicor ERP

New Hubspot Connector for Epicor ERP

Scribe Software and Datix Inc. built a Hubspot Connector for Epicor ERP to allow companies of all sizes the ability to utilize top-notch marketing automation. Marketing automation in conjunction with Epicor ERP will ensure you will be able to create blogs, send customer email campaigns, create web and landing pages, perform marketing automation and SEO all from one place.

Integration Made Easy Through Scribe

Scribe, a Datix partner, is a leader in making enterprise software integration a reality. Due to the popularity of marketing automation platform, Hubspot, Scribe saw an opportunity that savvy manufacturers needed. Any company currently using Epicor for ERP, will be able to sync data with Hubspot. At the enterprise level, Hubspot allows companies the ability to “stop buying lists and sending annoying emails to prospects.” Instead, nurture contacts with quality, relevant content.

Why Connect ERP with Marketing Automation?

Enterprise Resource Planning software covers the fundamentals of a manufacturing company. Core strengths of the program include finance, sales, manufacturing process management and HR. These functions have in common stability and standardization. Core features of many well-run manufacturing companies. Marketing is not often included and if it is, does not take into account the individuality of a company’s specific marketing needs. The marketing landscape is driven by disruptive technology and innovation. Manufacturing companies looking to reach new or existing clients in a powerful way will see benefits of augmenting their ERP system with marketing automation. Furthermore, these marketing interactions should not be standardized, but should reflect and change based on a specific client.


Marketing Automation Made Easy

The Scribe integration software provides a customizable solution to integrate your Dynamics CRM Contacts and Leads data into HubSpot Contacts. Want to go ahead with the integration? The Scribe SolutionPak: HubSpot  is available from the Scribe Templates and SolutionPaks Download page. You can use the HubSpot Connector with Scribe Online IS to easily integrate HubSpot contact data with other data stores including Epicor ERP.  Now you are able to integrate contacts, prospects and  leads from Epicor into your marketing automation software. This makes creating marketing campaigns seamless and effective.


Please contact Datix for more information on how to combine the power of ERP with the precision of marketing automation.

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