Datix Integration With Scribe

Integration With Scribe Online

Unity by Datix, our premier CRM and ERP integration product, is made possible through Scribe technology. The software totally simplifies what might otherwise be complex and highly developed integrations between ERP and CRM software. By creating an online platform that can collect and then share data from your Epicor instance to your CRM—whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce—Scribe allows our consultants to completely transform your business, break down organizational barriers, save money and reduce costly errors in your valuable data.

Scribe and Unity

Scribe makes Unity, our pre-packaged Epicor and CRM (Dynamics 365 or Salesforce) possible. The solution is dynamic, flexible and can be built according to a customer’s specific needs and timeline. The online Scribe platform means that we can connect your software wherever you may be hosting it—whether it’s on-site or multi-tenant—even if your ERP and CRM solutions are hosted differently. Our Scribe connector can be mapped out to sync only exactly the field your business wants to share between your enterprise applications.

How Integration With Scribe Works

By using the online Scribe platform, Unity works within the cloud to collect and pool crucial business information into one single source of truth: quotes, shipments, parts, inventory from ERP and customers and contacts from CRM. Once they have these fields, the solution will send them between your Epicor and sales software; initiating a bi-directional data sync of CRM calls and contacts between applications, and important ERP info like inventory and invoices being sent directly to your sales staff.

When creating an integration connection with the Scribe Online platform, unique coding is not required to process any mapping instructions, or any of the data transformation formulas. It is also not required to have any knowledge of the source data system that is being mapped to your connector. Connectors created on the Scribe platform are so flexible and seamless because they only need to provide connections, metadata and CRUD operations (otherwise known as Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete). Thus, your desired software sync points need only be mapped out before an integration with Scribe and Datix can begin. Then, we build out the platform to connect and communicate exactly as you and your project team desires.

Custom, Flexible and Supported

Datix chose Scribe as the platform for Unity because of its ease of use; it is easy to connect, configure and provides a singular platform for all of our customer’s data. Because the Unity connector is pre-built by our development experts here at Datix and hosted thanks to Scribe Online technology, there’s no coding on your end, or need for maintenance or upkeep once we have completed the enterprise software integration. Scribe and Unity represent software for all—no matter your coding or programming knowledge.

Our team at Datix manage the application, and Scribe manages the online platform that makes it possible. That means that you won’t just be receiving a stagnant piece of software that will eventually age and become inefficient for your business. We regularly release updates to the software and keep the connector running smoothly. Plus, Scribe and Unity operate on a per-seat basis, meaning the connector can also grow along with your business and be customized according to your needs, employee structure and project timeline.

The Need For An Interconnected Enterprise

Without enterprise software integration, you’re not fully utilizing your CRM and your ERP. Imagine the value of having a single point of data entry, shared and strengthened by all of your systems and employees. The headaches of duplicate data, errors being transferred and magnified across systems will be long gone. Instead, both pieces of the software systems become stronger. With the two sharing information, your organization can unleash better sales performance, increase efficiency and ensure your customer service is top of the line. Your sales team will have up-to-date and on-demand knowledge of inventory, and the shop floor will be made aware of orders and customers as they come in; making demand planning and waste reduction second nature.

It’s not just the strength and quality of data that CRM and ERP integration with Scribe and Unity can help improve. It will also go to work immediately to save your employees time. Say goodbye to hose entries or orders that you need to have someone manually transfer from your front office CRM to your ERP.
Your IT team will have more time to devote to work that can innovate your business processes—or dealing with mission critical issues that might affect the day-to-day operations of your business.

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Scribe Software Launches Connector Developer Program

The cost and time-saving functions of using a integration platform like Scribe is a large part of the reason we worked with them to create Unity. Contact one of our integration experts today if you’d like to know more about CRM and ERP integration with Scribe and Unity, or to request a demo of our connector for your own business!