CloudSuite Industrial & SyteLine ERP

What can Datix and Infor ERP do for you?

Manufacturing industries are becoming extraordinarily more diverse and smart companies are finding ways to better react to problems by creating solutions more quickly. Infor is one of those companies.

Infor’s on-premises SyteLine ERP and cloud-based CloudSuite Industrial ERP were developed and are implemented for these nuances and diversities within manufacturing industries and value-adding distribution. These robust solutions offer simple answers in the face of more complex business models with advanced tools to achieve these objectives and deliver tangible value to your customers.

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Fits Your Business

When choosing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, one-size-fits-all solutions generally don’t benefit an organization’s specialized needs. More often than not, companies need ERP solutions that are able to integrate with an existing system and can scalable to match operation growth.

Datix has partnered with Infor to deliver highly flexible and scalable ERP products with a wide variety of industry-specific cloud or on-prem solutions that are tailor-made for manufacturing industries and value-added distributors. Infor understands that cookie-cutter software solutions have the potential to hinder companies, so CloudSuite Industrial and SyteLine were developed to fit the needs these industries. If you are a manufacturer or complex distributor, this software is customized and made with your unique business in mind.

Infor, a global leader in business cloud software products, is one of the world’s largest providers of ERP, CRM, SCM, and HCM software solutions for enterprise-level businesses.

We partnered with Infor to prove that Datix is the top CloudSuite integration consultant and top SyteLine integration consultant in North America.

Over 68,000 distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide digital transformation.

The Cloud-Based ERP, CloudSuite Industrial

Infor created a diverse portfolio of ERP cloud solutions that support specific industries. By delivering unmatched user experience with industry focus at its core, both CloudSuite Industrial (cloud-based ERP) and SyteLine (on-premise ERP) help SMBs take full advantage of cloud technology while providing the unique business benefits of hosting. Business processes and artificial intelligence (AI) come together to enable rapid application development within CloudSuite Industrial and SyteLine with a common data strategy — all built using service-design principles that allow customers the flexibility and agility to make their daily business processes their greatest competitive advantage.


Forward-thinking IT decision-makers are pushing the envelope of cloud-based ERP benefits with increasingly more direct business benefits. Cloud deployments like CloudSuite Industrial continue to deliver significant cost savings compared with applications delivered by traditional on-premise solutions.

SyteLine, the On-Premises Planning ERP

Infor designed an ERP solution to fit clients’ unique operational needs, resources, and budget to help improve productivity everywhere from the front office to the shop floor with its on-premises software solution, SyteLine. Through this on-premises ERP software, your company can streamline production planning, scheduling, and develop an innovative environment more efficiently. SyteLine is agile, in-sync, and easy-to-integrate, giving you the power to quickly adapt and conquer any fast-changing challenges your business might encounter. Advance your bottom line and improve inventory turn-over.

Manufacturing Industries: By combining manufacturing expertise, micro-vertical functionality, and modern on-premises software technology, SyteLine transforms even the most sophisticated manufacturing processes into a competitive advantage.

Value-Added Distribution: Optimize inventory, warehouse management, multi-channel orders, and more with the intuitive user interface of SyteLine. Achieve profitability with unparalleled enterprise visibility.

CloudSuite (SyteLine) Integrations Catered to Your Business

Infor provides customizable enterprise software solutions that are built cloud-first and cloud-based for over 19 industry. In manufacturing and value-added distribution, Infor software covers even more industry segments. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions cater to many unique end-to-end business needs within a standard environment. Enhancing this rich environment even further by connecting your existing systems with a CloudSuite Industrial integration or on-prem SyteLine integration solutions greatly increases functionality to meet and then exceed your goals more easily than ever.

With Unity by Datix, SMBs and enterprise-level companies can easily integrate a complete cloud-based industrial suite into existing systems. Our Salesforce CloudSuite integration, for example, efficiently deploys technology that puts your customer’s brand experience first. From discrete manufacturing like engineer-to-order (ETO) or make-to-order (MTO) to value-added distributors (VADs), Datix takes pride in being a trusted integration consultant for all of our clients. Unity by Datix is a specialized integration solution, showcasing that enterprise software does not need to be one-size-fits-all.

Our pre-built CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration provides a seamless connection with a unified experience that allows customers to be flexible and agile in the cloud or on-premise.

Learn more about our Salesforce CloudSuite integration here.

Bi-directional data passes of information collected within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE are delivered to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) based on the data fields you select.

Unity by Datix allows your CloudSuite integration to boost customer interactions and improve visibility for the information your Sales Team requires.

Best Practices for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Implementation

If you don’t undergo your ERP implementation properly, you could end up wasting years on a software investment that fails to deliver expected improvements. Teaming up with certified ERP experts can be an important step to understanding how to have a successful implementation journey. With the added bonus of being a CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration consultant, Datix can provide an effective approach to implementation that encompasses best practices, such as:

  • Business process modeling
  • Use case development
  • Requirements documentation
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • User training
  • Data conversion
  • Reporting
  • CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration with your current system

Datix built best practices into our Strategic Solution Process. Our proven methodology has guided businesses from multiple industries to an on-time, on-budget ERP deployment.

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