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Easily Integrate Salesforce CRM with CloudSuite ERP

Salesforce CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration can provide powerful changes to your business almost instantly. Imagine your sales reps being able to access critical inventory info through their cell phone, mobile device, or being able to plan your manufacturing schedule around planned future demand. With our flagship product, Unity by Datix, you can have all of that! Unity integration for Salesforce is a pre-built application that allows direct communication and seamless integration between Salesforce to CloudSuite Industrial (using web services!). 

What is the result? An affordable, rapidly deployable Salesforce CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration solution. Now you can maximize your investments in CloudSuite and Salesforce software by providing management with up-to-date, synced business data, accessible in new ways, on new devices. With bi-directional data passes,  your back-office and front-office information will be seamlessly shared between CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) and Salesforce.

Salesforce CloudSuite Integration by Datix


An integration of Salesforce greatly augments the functionality of CloudSuite (SyteLine) and provides new opportunities for sales. Manufacturers and Value-Added Distributors gain faster communication and eliminate the cost of manual entry errors with Salesforce CloudSuite (SyteLine) integration.


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Why Unity — Salesforce to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Integration?

  • Datix is a certified partner of Salesforce and Infor with a deep understand of both solutions. We are SyteLine integration experts and provide integration support for both vendors while offering a pre-built integration platform for CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Be sure to put your data in the right hands with your SyteLine integration consultant, today.
  • Our Unity solution is pre-built and managed by our integration experts. Both powerful and flexible, Unity by Datix leaves plenty of room for you to fit the app into your business processes. Datix provides regular app updates and optimizations while supplying expert-level integration support for your Salesforce CloudSuite integration at no additional charge.
  • Our app uses web services to ensure these two systems, Salesforce and CloudSuite Industrial, can communicate, both in real-time and on a schedule. Many other integration solutions use hardcoded methods to supply this functionality. Unity by Datix is the only integration solution on the market to use web services for this integration to occur between Salesforce and CloudSuite (SyteLine). This allows your business to enter the world of the modern enterprise by making your daily business processes your greatest competitive advantage.

Salesforce Integrates with CloudSuite Seamlessly with Unity

The bottom line is that Unity puts inventory information, product details, sales literature, and other critical data and content in the hands of your sales and customer service teams – wherever they are, whatever device they’re using. When your team needs access to accounts, contacts, call history, shipments, and invoices (paid and unpaid), you know that your Salesforce CloudSuite integration will work from start-to-finish.

Datix takes the integration between Salesforce and CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) one step further by integrating your CRM with your marketing automation software with customization tools from our development experts. No maintenance or coding is required with a fully pre-built integration and Unity by Datix customer support team. Additional data field options are available to customize the information shared in each data pass, for your business requirements of course. The average deployment time for a total Salesforce CloudSuite integration solution takes less than 3 weeks. Within a month, you could be reaping the benefits of total enterprise interconnectivity!

What Will It Cost?

The integration between your Salesforce solution to your CloudSuite (previously known as SyteLine) solution is a complex process. We try and make it the simple for you. We’ve built the platform already, and left room for you to customize your own Salesforce Infor integration to suit your unique business processes. We’ve organized a method of purchase that allows organizations to create a completely productized integration experience, receive expert help and support, and only pay for what they need/use. Unity by Datix is the most cost-effective, out-of-the-box integration solution of its kind on the market. 


Contact our team to receive information about standardized pricing for the app! Our experts can also discuss possible customizations you’re looking for and give you price estimates tailored to your needs.

Why CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP?

Infor provides a robust lineup of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for many industry segments. Datix provides implementations and integrations for CloudSuite Industrial (cloud-based ERP solutions) and SyteLine (on-prem ERP solution). Both are ideal solutions for engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers, complex distributors such as value-added distributors (VADs), and professional service providers. The software is tailored for industry-specific functions and features functions that cater to the nuances of the industry verticals. 

Get more information about CloudSuite Industrial and SyteLine here. 

A full suite of included with these solutions that range from supply chain management, accounting, inventory management, invoices paid and received, and more. Ideal for mid-market businesses or those poised get there soon, Infor ERP is your unified, software solution.

Why Salesforce CRM?

As the leading cloud-based CRM tool, Salesforce builds stronger customer relationships for manufacturers. Connecting with customers is more important than ever. Social tools and mobile increase chances to make a positive impression on customers. Salesforce is the platform that will allow you to get closer to customers and help drive sales and marketing drive demand.

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