Microsoft Azure

Go beyond managed cloud hosting with cloud as a service.

Microsoft Azure provides massive data scale, reliability, and performance of but one of North America’s largest cloud hosting services. The flexibility and peace-of-mind provided by a managed cloud hosting services from a managed cloud hosting provider that will empower your company to deliver tangible value to your customers.

From handling errors to scaling the performance of your servers, we do whatever it takes to maximize the value of your investment and keep your operation up and running. Get fully managed cloud ERP software with Datix, so you can focus on growing your business with a cloud hosting provider. With the proper cloud implementation services, modern enterprise systems hosted, managed, and optimized in Microsoft Azure your enterprise have no limits.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure gives you all the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) without restrictions. In other words, you don’t have to upgrade on your cloud provider’s schedule. You can upgrade at the right time for your business, giving you full control over your ERP software. It’s SaaS with on-prem flexibility: You have the freedom of an on-premises solution without the high infrastructure and hardware costs.

Azure + EverSafe! = Zero-Point Data Security

Meet the impermeable backup and disaster recovery platform for business resilience. Protect your data from disasters, operational errors, and system failures with enterprise cloud security.

Microsoft Azure Integration

Cloud computing is here to stay. Once expensive, complicated software platforms are now affordable and easily managed thanks to the cloud. Hosting software off-site puts security and maintenance in the hands of expert providers, relieving some of your IT resources. Cloud platforms also simplify implementations by eradicating the need for expensive on-premises servers.Though cloud solutions beat out on-premises systems for most modern enterprises, this doesn’t mean that you can trust any cloud platform. Manufacturers and distributors relying on ERP solutions can’t settle for cloud platforms with limited scalability and flexibility. After all, your business is constantly changing, requiring add-ons, integrations and support for more locations and users. If your ERP can’t grow and develop with your enterprise, its value is compromised.

That’s why manufacturers and distributors like you have trusted Microsoft Azure since its development; the same 18-billion-dollar global solution that powers Bing, Office 365, and Xbox Live can power your system.

Head to the Cloud with Datix

As leading Infor partners and Epicor® experts, our premier consultants go beyond generic hosting services. We fully manage your software. Microsoft Azure’s reliable platform and our complete services make this worry-free cloud hosting.

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