Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales

Make sales teams more effective with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales. Your customers know more about your business, your products and those of your competitors than ever before. Buying decisions can often be made before you can even have a chance to engage. Sales must adapt to this new customer journey of self-education and online research. Sales teams need tools that are familiar, intuitive, and easy to adopt, to help them be more effective in a modernizing world of enterprise. Contact us for more details.

Make your sales team effective with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales by…

  • Meeting your customers anywhere, on any device
  • Building your network, and deepening relationships with social
  • Selling as a team to deliver results
  • Getting real-time insights

Win more. Sell faster.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales, your salespeople can sell more effectively in this new era. By providing the essential insights, guidance, and tools that salespeople need, you can zero in on the right customers and priorities, win faster with personalized and relevant customer engagements, and sell more by collaborating with colleagues to harness the power of the entire organization.

Planning and Management

Gain strategic advantage with real-time customer and competitive intelligence. Enhance visibility and enable better decision-making with sales reports, interactive charts and dashboards that track your sales history and customer satisfaction. Drive toward desired outcomes with real-time, contextual guidance to align sales behavior with best practices.

Increase Opportunities

Increase user adoption and help reduce training costs with an intuitive, immersive, process-centric experience. Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales, and service. Increase sales rep adoption with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities embedded inside Outlook.

Deeper Relationships

Give your sales team unprecedented social and market insights to foster customer relationships, generate more high-quality leads, and gain a competitive advantage. Social and market insights let your salespeople leverage connections and understand what prospects, customers, and competitors are doing and thinking, making every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive.


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