Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social

Get the most out of the Social Listening by Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the help of Datix consultants. The most talented salespeople can spot new opportunities and respond to competitive threats with precision and efficiency. Marketing teams use social insights to make their campaigns sing. Customer care teams use sentiment analysis to understand customers and to make interactions more meaningful. Now just think of the power of a tool that can combine all these skills into one, intuitive application.

Imagine that your prospects and customers are discussing you right now. Now imagine that your sales people could step right in to the middle of that conversation. With MS Dynamics Social Listening that is a reality.

Learn about Microsoft Social Listening:

  • Microsoft Social Listening Fact Sheet
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See everything

In a socially connected world, engagement with your customers can happen anywhere or anytime, on any social network or review website. Microsoft Social Listening puts powerful social tools in the hands of your sales, marketing, and service teams—helping them connect on social media with your customers, prospects, and partners, right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social or with a stand-alone app. Find social insights about your brand, products, and services to gain a true understanding of sentiment about your business.

Listen carefully

Microsoft Social Listening helps you harness the power of the social web by analyzing what people are saying on social media. Our unique sentiment monitoring evaluates keywords in posts to determine whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. You can spot trends about how people are feeling about your products or brand and then shape your messaging and sales conversations more effectively.

Social CRM Analytics

The robust social analytics of Microsoft Social Listening provide you with easy-to-read charts and graphs, including volume history, share of voice across channels, top languages, and maps that show where posts originate. Use our advanced filtering to view social data by source, sentiment, location, and more—the way you want to view it.

CRM Social Benefits

You can add social data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing—on dashboards or on any forms, like Accounts or Campaigns. Help your front-line sales, marketing, and service teams deliver amazing customer experiences. Social Listening doesn’t have to be limited to a few individuals in your marketing organization. Get in touch with an expert at Datix today to see how to make Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Listening work for your entire company.


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