6 thoughts on “SSRS Report In Epicor: How to Modify an Out of the Box Report”

  1. Crystal Jagmohan

    Great article. Very detailed. Thank you for the information. Would you please inform me where can I locate a calc_field? How is it created? I saw the field is added to the list of calculated fields in the Data Definition however how does it know which table it is referencing from?

    1. This sample tutorial is very confusing!!!!
      You start with the job Traveler and later looks like you are modifying something else….maybe PO ??? could you please be more specific when you put some sample to follow ?????

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    1. Hi William,

      You would normally just assign the next one in line, if you have 3 tables they would be T1, T2, T3, you can just add T4 to follow the logic.


  3. como puedo agregar una tabla y un campo a un ssrs ya creado para que lo ligue ala consulta y se vea reflejado en el Cristal report??

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