How to Have a Successful ERP Implementation

 A blog post I read recently from IT Toolbox, by Steve Phillips, brought up an excellent and perhaps overlooked perspective in the realm of ERP implementations.  Phillips pointed out that the failure rate in ERP projects is often falsely blamed on the client. We, as a consulting firm, get that the relationship between client and consultant can be a dynamic, beneficial partnership or one marked with strain.

Act with Integrity

We approach each project with the mindset of achieving a win-win. So how does this happen and how do you ensure that your consulting firm is acting with integrity? Even before a project starts, we find it is imperative to assess what success looks like. Simply completing an ERP implementation may not be a true success if the processes you wanted to improve were not in fact improved. We understand that no one goes into a costly ERP project with the hopes of failure. Most senior management teams are led by extremely talented people who are capable of taking on the challenge of this type of project.

Ownership Breeds Commitment

I would have to agree with Steve that ownership breeds commitment. When companies need outside help that is where we step in, guiding them through what can be a challenging process. We also find it beneficial to shore up the effort that a vendor provides. If you do need continual assistance or help with advanced technical issues it is an option to turn to a specialist not just someone who will sell you the software.

Beyond Billable

If a consulting firm is simply interested in billable hours, they miss out on allowing the company to take control of the project.  As project directors, we find it is a given to mention when a project is veering off track. Sweeping bad news under the rug only creates problems later on. So in short our role is to guide and direct the client through and implementation to a system that is what the client needed and wanted.

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