Traits of a Customer Company

Traits of a Customer Company

We hear buzzwords like customer centric and social enterprise bantered around on a daily basis. If you are wondering what it really looks like to be a customer company, take a look at recommendations by Datix partner, In today’s ever connected world, our customers are voicing their opinions about our brands, companies and the experiences they have.

A Customer Company is…

    • Available 24/7
    • Any Place its customers happen to be
    • Listens first to every customer, on every channel
    • Connects with customers, employees, partners and products
    • Is grateful for each customer’s business and shows it
    • Creates communities
    • And respects your identity, privacy and money
    • Thrives from the inside out, by giving its employees a way to collaborate with each other
    • Always has up-to-date data

Watch this video by about the traits of a customer centric company.

What would you add? In your experience has software helped you better reach your customers?

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