Transforming Business by Integrating Front and Back Office Systems

Becoming a customer-centric company, by integrating your front and back office systems, will not happen overnight. Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Co. is a prime example. They have gone through numerous changes to improve on their reputation for “quality, accuracy, and service.” Now, they meet the demands of their global customer base through a commitment to their customers’ needs.


Company: Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Co.


Location:  Midwest- Chicago, IL

Founded: 1937

Solution: Front and Back Office Integration

Front Office:

Back Office:

The Problem

Their old quoting system was cumbersome to use and was slowing down growth. Employees who created customer quotes had no visibility in the AR information or credit status. They also had limited views of production and inventory status.

When a customer interacted with various departments, the customer and the company had no way of tracking those interactions. This left questions unanswered: When was it ordered?  What was billed? When was the shipment sent? They were only tracking vendor shipments by looking back through old emails.

The Solution

By switching to they saw a 70 percent gain in productivity and an increase of quoting throughput of more than 200 percent.

The time savings from automating their sales, shipping, and quoting processes allowed sales reps to spend more time with customers. Additionally, customer service reps had visibility into order history, shipments, payments and other account details anytime they spoke with a customer.

They could successfully call themselves a customer-centric company through the unification of applications that best served the customer. With they had more than a CRM, but as Chris Kenny, VP of Operations stated, “we put our entire ecosystem that serves the customer on one platform.”

“That is turn means we can be more responsive to the customer, not just on a quote or sales inquiry, but on orders and production, invoices and credit approvals and everything in between.”

View Kenny’s Fireside Chat on Transforming the Back-Office in the Journey to a “Customer Company”

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