How to Use the Tracing Feature in Epicor

How to Use the Tracing Feature in Epicor

In my experience with Epicor ERP, I found it helpful to  examine background tasks. When developing this allows you to see the ins and outs when debugging for instance.  For this, I recommend using the Tracing feature.

From the main Epicor menu, select the “Tracing Options” icon.

Click “Clear Log”

Ensure that “Enable Trace Logging” is checked.

Click “Apply”

Now anything you do in Epicor, such as searching or updating, will be logged to the selected log file.

To open the log file click the “Tracing Options” icon again and click “View”.

This log shows the background functions and parameters that Epicor uses.

This tool is very useful for developers looking to better understand Epicor and add functionality.

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